The Department of Mathematics and Physics “Ennio De Giorgi” at the University of Salento and the Nanoscience Institute of CNR will work together in NANO-JETS under the unique cross-disciplinary infrastructure of the National Nanotechnology Laboratory in Lecce.

The equipment and the advanced instrumentation available at the National Nanotechnology Laboratory (soft matter nanotechnology laboratories, electrospinning, clean-rooms, chemistry labs and microscopy characterisation labs) will be fully available for the NANO-JETS activities, including:

1. A class 100/class 1,000 clean room including SEM, AFM and TEM for characterization.
2. A nanofabrication facility with reactive ion etching systems, evaporators (both thermal and electron beam), mask aligners, optical lithographies and electron beam lithography systems.
3. Soft matter laboratories and device fabrication facility, including a dedicated clean-room, a glove box, fume-hoods, spin coating, thermal evaporators, complete organic device fabrication and characterization, state-of-the-art equipment for soft lithography techniques (motorised injection for microcapillarity circuits, nanoimprinting press, and multilevel soft lithography), rheometry and electrospinning.
4. A spectroscopy and transport facility for material characterization, based on spatially resolved spectroscopies (micro-photoluminescence), photoluminescence excitation, pump-probe and optical gain measurements, femtosecond and picosecond spectroscopies, network analysers, etc..
5. A scanning probe lab.
6. A biology lab including a 50 square meter, class 10,000 clean room equipped with a nanoplotter and a fluorescence scanner, spectrofluorimeter, spectrophotometer, basic equipment for protein synthesis and purification, pcr, and cell culture.

The modelling aspects of NANO-JETS will be developed at the Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo "Mauro Picone" (IAC) of CNR.
IAC is the largest italian institute for applied mathematics, and, historically, the earliest worldwide (1927). It counts about 50 research scientists, covering a broad range of topics in modern applied and computational math. Among others, prominent topics covered at IAC are fluid dynamics, kinetic theory of complex systems, biomathematics, mathematical models for finance and high performance computing at large. Research at IAC is supported by a modern infrastructure consisting of a few servers, a few clusters and institutional access to the largest computational facilities in Italy (CINECA).

Boosting the infrastructure

This below is the photo-album of June, 12-13, 2013, at NNL. The NANO-JETS laboratory has been upgraded by an electrospinning-dedicated system for providing processes with controlled atmosphere. Have a look to our snapshots giving research a breath of fresh air...

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