2013-2018: Next-generation polymer nanofibers: from electrified jets to hybrid optoelectronics (NANO-JETS), ERC Ideas Starting Grant - Grant agreement no.: 306357

Other and previous projects:

2016-2021: 4-Dimensional printing for adaptive optoelectronic components (xPRINT), ERC Ideas Consolidar Grant - Grant agreement no.: 682157. Coordinator: Dr. Andrea Camposeo. 

2013-2015: National coordination of the Project “Social Innovation Cluster through a Nanotechnology Cross-displinary Platftorm for Environmental Monitoring and Helthcare (SOCIAL-NANO)”, Call “PAC - Piano di Azione Coesione 436 13.03.2013-Start Up” of the Ministry of Education, University and Research. Coordinator: Dr. Luana Persano.

2010-2014: National coordination of the Project “Active Multifunctional Polymer Nanofibers for Photonics and Electronics”, Call “Future in Research”, Fund for Investments in Basic Research (FIRB) of the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

2010-2014: National coordination of the Project “Biomedical Nanofibers for Tissue Engineering by Renal Stem Cells, Call “Medical Research in Italy”, Fund for Investments in Basic Research (FIRB) of the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

2009-2011: CNR coordination of the Apulia Regional Project "Regional laboratory for novel nano- and biotechnologies of water filtration: design and manufacturing of biomimetic membranes for industrial, commercial and environmental applications (WAFITECH)" (Reg. Dec. N. 1396, 30.12.2008, CNR coordinator: Dr. Andrea Camposeo. You can download here the project leaflet (in Italian)

2009-2011: ISUFI coordination of the Apulia Regional ProjectNanocomposite materials and processing techniques for functional and structural applications” (Reg. Dec. 30.12.2008 n. 1396). You can download here the project leaflet and the Menu of available Technological and Scientific Services for companies (in Italian)

2007-2011: INFM coordination of the Projects: “Innovative materials for the articular bio-prostheses development” and “Polymers and other materials suitable for device fabrication on flexible substrates” of the National Research Program-FIRB of the Ministry of University and Research (D.M. 234/Ric. 21.02.2007).

2006-2011: INFM-CNR coordination of the Regional Strategic Projects: “Development of renal adult stem cell banking for promoting translational research of stem cells. Design and development of nanotech biodevice for hemodialysis” and “Development of polymer nanocomposites materials for optical, electronic and sensor applications” (Reg. Dec. 22.03.2006 n. 55 and 19.10.2006 n. 134).

2006-2009: INFM Coordination of the EU Projects: “Integrated microfluidic bench technologies for active control of unconventional fluid by functionalised material interface of complex geometry microchannels (INFLUS)” and “Biomineralization for lithography and microelectronics (BIO-LITHO)”, NMP Priority, FP6 (Contracts #NMP3-CT-2006-031980 and #NMP4-CT-2006-031541).

2007-2008: Regional coordination of the Project: “Technologies of fabrication and packaging of monolithic organic lasers” (Reg. Dec. 23.01.2006 n. 13).

2006-2007: Coordination of the “Joint Laboratory of Microfluidics” Italy-U.S.A., together with the Harvard University-Boston –Project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs l.401/90 2006.

2005-2006: Coordination of the project “Competition between random lasing and amplified spontaneous emission in nanoparticles/conjugated polymer hybrid systems” for accessing to the Ultraviolet Laser Facility of FORTH, Heraklion, Greece (ulf-forth001220, within the European Network LASERLAB-EUROPE, contract RII3-CT-2003-506350).

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